TOP-5 Best Ring Slings of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Ring Sling – Buyer’s Guide

baby in a pink ring slingRing slings are a great option for carrying your baby hands-free. New parents can easily fall in love with a product that helps them bond with their baby. A ring sling promotes close bonding between parent and child, use high-quality materials, and follow specific safety standards.

Many parents have become hooked on the great features of ring slings. They and their babies have increased mobility and more time in the day to bond during daily activities. While ring slings are not the best option for some new parents and newborns, they are one of the most popular baby carrier products to try.

Whether you are a new parent (or about to be one), or looking for a present for a friend, ring slings are a great option. They are designed to be of durable quality, making them an investment that can be used with future babies or passed down to others.

Choosing the right ring sling is incredibly important, even if you are only buying a gift for another new parent. A good combination of comfort, safety, quality, and value need to be involved to have a dependable ring sling. You will find that some ring slings fit your needs better in some ways over others. Look at an overview of some of our top picks below:

TOP-5 Best Ring Slings of 2022

ModelMaterial TypeWeight RangeMachine WashableAccessoriesCheck Price
Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier by Pura Vida
ECO-FRIENDLY, SUPER SOFT BAMBOO & LINEN 8- 35 pondsYESEco-friendly carry bag
Check Price
Ring Sling with Removable Pocket by LÍLLÉbaby
LINEN7-33 poundsYESRemovable pocket
Check Price
Baby Carrier Ring Sling by Hip Baby Wrap100% Flax Linen 8- 35 pondsYES
Check Price
Baby Sling by ION & MAY100% Bamboo8-25 poundsYES, Washing in warm water, gentle cycle.instructions, the ring sling is packed in reusable cotton-linen pouches
Check Price
Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling by MEBIEN%100 Turkish Cotton Muslin8- 35 pondsYESEco-friendly carry bag
Check Price

Best Ring Sling Reviews

After careful consideration of the different products available, we have curated a list of the very best ring slings. Below you can find reviews of our top picks.

1. Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier by Pura Vida – Best Safest Ring Sling For Newborns

The Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier by Pura Vida features luxurious bamboo and linen fabric, which together create a very strong, sturdy support for your baby. Additionally, the environmentally-friendly linen and bamboo mixture works to lightly and gently wrap around your baby. 11 different color options let you pick the best fit for your style or personality, with great choices like Dusty Rose Pink, Earth Mama Cream, and Storm Cloud.

Pura Vida focuses on maintaining a very high level of safety with their ring sling products. The Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier complies with the highest safety standards. It has also been tested to prove high strength, low flammability, and to be free of lead and other harmful chemicals. These safety considerations are all intended to offer new parents a peace of mind when using it with their newborns. This ring sling is recommended as one of the safest options when looking at safety certifications.

It is important to note, however, that the safe carry position promoted by this ring sling does not necessarily provide great support for the back or neck. The soft, environmental-friendly fabric used in this ring sling might easily wrinkle after a few washes. These represent slight deficiencies in this product’s overall design, but not necessarily major problems.

The attention to detail with fabric and safety make this ring sling a great choice for new parents. They can use this baby carrier and be assured of the safety of their child and the strength of this product. This ring sling is recommended for its quality in all areas, including to philanthropic endeavors. A portion of every purchase goes to a charity dedicated to helping low-income families in Costa Rica.

  • Made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Promotes the safest carry position for you and your baby.
  • Donations made to organization that helps low-income families in Costa Rica.
  • Fabric is prone to wrinkling.https
  • Does not provide a great support to back or neck.


2. Ring Sling with Removable Pocket by LÍLLÉbaby – Best Functional Ring Sling

baby with mom in ring slingThe Ring Sling with Removable Pocket by LÍLLÉbaby features a quality linen-blend material that is lightweight and breathable for both parent and baby. Each ring sling also includes a zippered pocket-pouch that can easily hold certain everyday essentials when you are out with your baby. This pouch is fully removable and helps offer a layer between the metal rings and your shoulder.

With its removable pocket, lovely linen material, and beautifully detailed rings, this ring sling is one of the best in functional style. If it is important for you to wear an elegant, functional ring sling, then this product may be the best option for you and your baby. It offers all of the great functions of a ring sling, with safety considerations for baby and simple comfort. The simple, detailed functions are an additional bonus for the parent on the go.

It is important to be aware of the learning curve needed to properly wear this ring sling. You may need a few times before you are able to quickly and easily adjust your ring sling. In addition, the handy removable pouch is generally suitable for smaller objects. Certain oversized items, such as larger smartphones or wallets, will not fit comfortably in the pouch.

The Ring Sling with Removable Pocket by LÍLLÉbaby helps new parents carry their babies safely and comfortably. In addition, LÍLLÉbaby works with parents to let them carry their babies, while maintaining a handle on all their daily activities. If functional style is important to you or your friends, this ring sling will be a great option.

  • Designed to be lightweight and breathable.
  • Comes with a removable zippered pouch.
  • Made for hands-free mobility.
  • Pouch can only hold very compact objects.
  • Learning curve to properly wear and use.


3. Baby Carrier Ring Sling by Hip Baby Wrap – Best Ring Sling Easy to Usefashionable mom with her baby

Baby Carrier Ring Sling by Hip Baby Wrap is a traditional ring sling product, with quality %100 linen material and important safety considerations. If environmental standards are important to you, then this ring sling may be one of the best options. The linen fabric used is highly durable and a pure, eco-friendly option. As a bonus, this ring sling is completely machine washable for easy clean-up.

When designing this ring sling, attention was paid to the areas which usually create stress on parent’s bodies. To minimize shoulder, neck, and back pain, this ring sling features a gathered should stitch. This helps distribute the weight of your baby, up to 35 pounds. The shoulder stitching also uses a triple stitch design for extra support and safety for your baby.

Be aware the linen material may need a few washes before reaching a degree of softness suitable for newborn baby’s skin.

Baby Carrier Ring Sling by Hip Baby Wrap is recommended for being one of the easiest products to learn how to use. Rather than spend a lot of time adjusting and fixing the ring sling, parents can quickly learn how to wear it in very little time. The provided instructions are intended to help even ring sling novices learn quickly how to adjust and wear their sling safely and comfortably.

  • Made with linen to keep baby cool.
  • Tested to highest safety standards.
  • Designed to be easy to use.
  • A slightly rough linen feel at first.


4. Baby Slings by ION & MAY – Best Fashionable Ring Sling

beautifyl mom with daughet Baby Slings by ION & MAY use only the highest quality bamboo fiber material to create their ring slings. The result is a material that helps keep parent and baby cool during warmer months and warm when its colder. The imported fabric is very soft, lightweight, and breathable. Bamboo is considered an anti-bacterial type of fabric that resists odors. Additionally, bamboo is a less irritating fabric for sensitive newborn skin, because it lays flat.

This ring sling is recommended for being one of the most fashion forward products available. While maintaining a high quality of safety and comfort, nothing is sacrificed in the way of style. Two colors, Portland Grey and Washington Blue, were inspired by a neutral, stylish Scandinavian designs. In addition, the two aluminum rings are not only incredibly sturdy – they help complete the beautifully detailed design of this ring sling.

Despite the many great features in this ring sling product, keep in mind that the weight limit only goes to 25 pounds. Depending on how long you wish to use a ring sling, this product may not be the right one. However, if the needs of you and your baby are different this may not be a concern.

The Baby Slings by ION & MAY are a highly-detailed product. ION & MAY cares about the presentation and design of their ring slings. Each ring sling arrives in a reusable, environmentally-friendly, cotton-linen carrying pouch. If you are looking for a lightweight, easy carry option to bring outside the home instead of a stroller, try a ring sling by ION & MAY.

  • Made with soft, yet firm material.
  • Designed with elegant style in mind.
  • Offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Maximum weight only goes up to 25 pounds.
  • Fabric may be too thin for certain climates/seasons.


5. Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling by MEBIEN – Best Lightweight Ring Sling For Breastfeeding

mom with a baby on natureThe Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling by MEBIEN promotes both safety and comfort. With Turkish cotton muslin fabric, this ring sling has been designed to be chemical-free and very breathable. Both parent and baby will feel comfortable in any weather with this muslin material. This type of fabric also happens to be eco-friendly, if that is a major concern of yours.

This ring sling gets a strong recommendation for being one of the most lightweight and breathable slings. With the muslin cotton blend, the material is both soft and strong. Airflow is promoted with the fine, open weave design of this ring sling. This design is meant to benefit both the parent and the baby. Parents will stay cool and calm when wearing their baby around inside or outside the home. And babies will be able to stay cool or warm no matter the temperature or season.

Perhaps one of the few minor issues to pay attention to with the MEBIEN ring sling is the learning curve involved with use. It may take a few tries to figure out how to securely carry your baby. You will want to be confident with use before trying to carry your baby with you out of the house. In some cases, a novice to ring slings may still struggle after several uses of their new ring sling.

The Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling by MEBIEN offers quality design in multiple aspects. The lightweight, imported muslin fabric sets this product ahead of some of its competitors. If quality and comfort are two major concerns, then this ring sling is a great option for you to choose. These two factors can be a very important factor in the determination process for ring slings. If a ring sling is not comfortable for both parent and baby then it will not receive a lot of regular use.

  • Created for versatile use with imported muslin.
  • Made with chemical- and fragrance-free fabric.
  • Designed to be incredibly lightweight.
  • Some may struggle with use in the beginning.

What To Know Before You Buy a Ring Sling

Before making a decision for your new ring sling, several important points should be taken into consideration. The best ring sling for you will depend on your own personal needs and wants, and on several common factors that differ between different brands.


When choosing a ring sling for your newborn, material is a central factor to any decision. The best ring slings take into account both flexibility and breathability. High-quality fabrics used in ring slings should be firm enough to keep baby safe and secure, but not stiff. Newborns and older infants have sensitive skin, which requires comfortable, soft fabrics. Fabric that is too stiff or too rough may not be suitable for the skin of babies, and might even be a source of discomfort for parents.

Look for brands that use environmentally-friendly, lightweight materials, such as linen, bamboo, or muslin.These fabrics are all strong, but provide comfort to both parent and child. While there might not be a big difference on the surface, the fabric of a ring sling may be the single most important aspect of the product.

Safety Standards

Ring slings intend to help new parents continue busy schedules while maintaining a close bond with their new baby. Because most individuals expect to use their ring sling frequently, especially during daily activities, these carriers should be held to a high degree of safety. Safety in ring slings involves strength, as well as materials that are free of harsh chemicals.

Look for a ring sling that has been tested and certified in matters of safety and security. Be wary of ring slings that have not been tested, especially if you hope to use your ring sling for hands-free mobility while carrying your baby. Ring slings are supposed to help you be hands-free with baby in a safe, comfortable manner. Do not let safety standards slip past you when purchasing a new ring sling.


Although colors and style may seem a minor factor compared to materials and safety, a ring sling is something that a new parent might wear outside the home or when entertaining company. Different brands focus on different aspects of style and fashion. Some hone in the look of the fabric as it drapes, while others offer a stunning range of color options.

If you are concerned about the style of your new ring sling, look for neutral colors and elegant rings. Some ring slings are made with fashion-focused gold rings, which are a great option for a ring sling that will get a lot of use. In most cases, you should not have to sacrifice style and fashion for safety and function, and vice versa. Many ring sling brands and products offer beautiful, elegant options that new parents will want to wear every day.

Ease of Use

A ring sling is meant to help make life easier for new parents. When you first get your ring sling, it should be fairly intuitive to wear it with your baby. A short time spent learning how to properly wear a ring sling is a given. However, the best ring sling will be one that someone can learn how to use and remember easily.

Look for ring sling brands that promote an easy-to-use model. You should be able to quickly and easily learn how to wear your ring sling safely and comfortably. Products that come with detailed instructions or a place to view a video might be the very best options. Ring slings are meant to help make daily life simpler, not to make you struggle more with your daily tasks.


Finally, ring slings on the market vary by price. Sometimes prices vary to match the quality of fabric used in a product, or the extra features included with the product. However, you should be aware of how the price matches the quality of a brand.

Before buying a ring sling, compare prices among the best brands. If the price of one product does not match the quality compared to a lesser-priced brand, you might choose the one priced lower. In this case, price might not match the quality of a ring sling.

Best Ring Sling – Final Notes

Keep in mind that ultimately, the best ring sling for a new parent and their baby is the one that best suits their needs. It is worth it to carefully consider the different options available, before making a final decision.

Using the detailed information provided in this guide, we are confident in your ability to find the right ring sling for you, your friends, or your family. These ring slings represent a great variety of features and functions to help new parents and new babies.

All you need to do is to make a list of your needs, while keeping your budget in mind. The right ring sling is out there for you. Keep in mind that material, price, and safety are some of the most important considerations when looking for the best ring sling.


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